Records Check

The Lake Bonavista Community Association would like to express our appreciation for the time and effort you contribute towards the Lake Bonavista Hockey program.  As a volunteer, you hold a position of trust within our program.  Hockey Calgary and our own association policies require that volunteers in positions deemed to be of risk must submit a Criminal Record Check every three years.

For more information on the Volunteer Screening Policy please see the Lake Bonavista Community Association Volunteer Screening Policy and Procedures.

In order to process your Calgary Police Information Check application, the Calgary Police Service has developed an online process (ePIC).

How to Apply

  1. Request a Validation Letter from LBCA Facility Bookings (Tammy Langdon).
  2. Once you receive your Validation Letter by email, go online to and follow the instructions.  In addition to this letter, you will need scanned copies of two pieces of identification.
  3. You will receive confirmation from the Calgary Police Service that your application has been processed and completed; you must log back into ePIC and 'SHARE' this information with the LBCA.

For more information please contact VP Operations (Corrina McClement) or Safety Coordinator (Todd Boehm).