Boundary Review Update from Jeff Edwards

Breaker Families,

I attended the President’s meeting on the 28th and promised an update.  The meeting was well attended and each Association had the chance to speak to its position on the Boundary Review.  Lake Bonavista re-iterated its need to gain players and that expanded boundaries are our preference.  We confirmed that we are at the table and willing to work on the solution that solves the current size gap.

Though there was a robust conversation with excellent participation by all Associations, there were no clear decisions made nor did Hockey Calgary tip their hand on where they are leaning.  The next step is a vote by the Board of Hockey Calgary which will take place on March 11th.  At this time, all options remain on the table.

Once I am aware of the decision by Hockey Calgary, I will communicate again.

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the council if you have any questions.


Jeff Edwards

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